Behind the Glitz & Glamour: Industry Night, June 6, 2024


Hello, and welcome to another episode of Industry Night with me, Nycci Nellis. So it’s taken me a few days to get back into the thick of things after my trip to Barcelona — I don’t usually suffer from jet lag. And my sleeping and exercising were on target, but I have been loath to really go out and be about. BUT all of that is about to change, cause we are rolling into May in DC and boy is there a lot to do, eat, play  - so so much. 

And look where I am today. My current residency  is with Peter Chang’s Restaurants. You know Peter Chang? Once coined the restless chef — because area foodies would follow him all around the region to get one of his famous Sichuan dishes.  We are back in Chang Chang today, one of Chef’s most recent openings and the very first one in DC. Last week we talked with Lydia Chang about her family and their incredible story, from leaving China, to working at the Chinese Embassy, to staying here - now having over 16 restaurants. I’m so grateful to Lydia for making this residency happen, and in a bit I’ll be talking with Jen Lin-Liu, event director at Chang Chang. There is a massive catering arm of the restaurant — they do family style dinners and wine events here. Jen is going to fill us in on all of that. 

And then later in the show I am so excited to talk with today's guest.  I’ll be chatting with Jessica Powers — you know her as the style setting Publisher of DC Magazine. We are going to get into the story of how all those glossies came to DC and how DC Mag maintained its presence. I see food, fashion and party hopping chats in our future.
But first - Where have I been?
-I’ve been cooking — family in town — Chicken Saltimbocca, Lemon dressed Char, Chicken Provencal, Flourless chocolate cake
-Ceibo — I popped into Ceibo, a spot that draws its inspiration from South America with a special focus on Uruguay. Brothers Manuel and Juan Oliveras have divvied up the duties, with Manuel offering his incredible experience in wine and hospitality in the front of the house, and in the back of the house, Chef Juan is serving his recently launched spring menu that features an incredible array of beautifully plated and tasty dishes
-And Nobu — Yes that Nobu was in town.  I was literally eating out of his hands
Not long after I launched TheListAreYouOnIt — the glossies came to town. DC Modern Luxury, DC Style, Capitol File … the city’s nightlife changed overnight with sexy parties and store openings. It was so much fun — now this is all pre Insta — but as social media picked up, so did the power of these publications. Now DC Style did not last long, and I’m not sure what went down with Cap File & DC — but I’ve got Jessica Powers Volz with me today. And we are going to talk about all the glitz and glamor. How is it that a magazine creates experiences that happen off the page?

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