Prison Break (Kind of)

Gemma Menges

Downtown DC has a new spot for puzzle-lovers of all ages: The Escape Game. So, I grabbed a few friends and decided to check it out! With a 9/10 difficulty rating, we must have been feeling ambitious when we chose the Prison Break room. 

We may have used an embarrassing number of hints, but the shrieks of excitement when a door opened, or a code got cracked never got old. The hands-on approach to storytelling really immersed us into the game, and the hour rushed by so quickly. The staff were also so helpful and friendly! The game itself was very fun, and full of “AHA!” moments that made it all the more satisfying to play. This was my first time playing an escape room, and there’s a definite learning curve involved with these types of puzzles.

Now is the part where I have to admit that we ALMOST escaped (but didn’t). As my mom says though, “close only counts in horseshoes”. I’d love to give The Escape Game another try…maybe in an easier room this time