A Little Briny Bump: Industry Night, December 1, 2022


After almost 3 years — basically since March 9th 2020 — Industry Night is no longer being recorded in my bedroom. Excited to announce a partnership with the private wine club, the WineLair. Jon Krinn, CEO of WineLair invited me to host Industry Night out of their facility and joined me in the beginning of the show to introduce us all to the sips and swirls of a private wine club. And then there’s the caviar. I mean if there was ever a place to snack on those briny creamy baubles of deliciousness it is here at WineLair. But before you warm up your belinis! Sarah Mayo, the Global Sales and Marketing / CCO at Black River Caviar, aka Esturiones del Rio Negro and has worked internationally in the food and wine industry for over 30 years. She is a WSET Diploma holder, worked as Deputy Editor of Robert Parker Wine Advocate, and is an expert in the field of caviar procurement.

"There are people who want to be associated with clubs. Wine Lair is a club for eating and drinking with like-minded people." - Chef Jon

"What I've always tried to do is just take the physical stuff and turn it into a relationship, make a lot of friends, and get like-minded people together." - Chef Jon

"Caviar is not for collection, it's for consumption." - Maya

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Our Guests:

Jon Krinn
CEO of WineLair

Sara Mayo
Director of Global Sales and Marketing at Black River Caviar