How Your Neighborhood Restaurant Became Your Corner Store


The nation's restaurants are reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have shut down while laying off employees. Others have been able to pivot in an instant and create whole new models — take away and to go — to keep people employed and stay afloat. Michael Babin and his team at Neighborhood Restaurant Group changed their entire company model not just once, but twice, in less than three weeks time. Having the foresight to see some of what was coming down the road Michael and NRG have been able to launch Neighborhood Provisions, an online delivery shop to satisfy food, beer, wine, spirits, and pantry needs. On Industry Night, Nycci & Michael talk about this labor of love and joint effort of incredible chefs, hospitable managers, and beverage specialists who are providing during these uncertain times. Listen to the full episode here, powered and distributed by Simplecast.