RAMMY Nominees: They're Just Like Us: Cocktail Program of the Year


You already know that the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) has revealed the finalists for their 2022 RAMMY Awards. And, for the next few weeks, TheListAreYouOnIt.com will feature several nominees from an array of categories in our new section: RAMMY Nominees: They're Just Like Us.

This week we tasked the nominees that are up for Cocktail Program of The Year with answering this:

All those cocktails! Having to shake and stir and make sure each cocktail is well-balanced, that’s a lot of work. Sometimes your palate might need a break — what’s your second favorite drink and why? 


Will Patton, Beverage Director at Bresca

Sparkling water. I drink an obscene amount of sparkling water. Being a lover of champagne, I'm a sucker for effervescence so I'll go through one to three bottles of San Pellegrino a day. Plus, maybe a Topo Chico if I'm feeling in the mood. 


Andra 'AJ' Johnson, Managing Partner & Bar Director of Serenata, Spritz by Serenata and Salud! by Serenata

Sometimes I need a break from cocktails so my second favorite drink would have to be sour beers of all kinds! I love the salinity and the refreshing qualities of a great sour. More specifically, Anderson Valley Holy Gose and Union Pro Gose. 

Service Bar

Chad Spangler, Partner of Service Bar

When not making and sampling cocktails at one of the restaurants, I most often find myself drinking wine -- particularly fond of grower Champagnes and salty whites like Albariño.

Silver Lyan

Andrea Tateosian, Lead Bartender, Silver Lyan 

If I'm looking for something zippy that will leave my palate refreshed and ready for more, I love a glass of fresh ice-cold sherry such as a Fino or Manzilla or a zippy spritz.

The Imperial

The Imperial’s Bar Director Joe Madden

That is an easy answer. Tea is the yang to my yin of beer/wine/cocktails. Green tea can refresh and clean my palate while also helping to counter some of the less desirable components in alcoholic beverages. Irish breakfast tea with milk and sugar gets me going in the mornings with the high caffeine content and ease of consumption. And if I am dining out, but just don't feel like having a "drink" drink, nothing beats a nice, refreshing iced tea anywhere outside of Long Island.