Here! Queer! And Used To It! 🌈

Photo: Bourbon Steak
What's that? Your PRIDE is showing. And ICYMI, June is Pride Month when the LGBTQ communities & their allies from around the world come together to celebrate the freedom to just be. Amid all the festivities, it is important to remember that these gatherings have a tough history. The LBGTQIA+ community has struggled mightily with mistreatment, prejudice, and recognition. This is a time to show support, observe, and listen. is an incredibly loud & proud ally and committed to protecting civil liberties for everyone All. Year. Long. All month long around the DC area you'll see rainbow flags waving, drag queens shaking their tailfeather and various ways to celebrate. No surprise, the plethora of Pride events welcomes everyone and you can find more here, here, & here. #WereHere #SayGay