Power Of 10


Founded in response to the national food crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative is dedicated to maintaining restaurant operations while keeping their employees and communities safe. The mission is based on re-employing staff, establishing food security and engaging with the community. How does it work? By raising $10,000 per week in donations, the organization is able to provide 10 full-time jobs and 1,000 free meals to any direct, in-need community. This model allows restaurants to reopen without having to implement takeout/delivery services that they were not built to handle. The restaurants launching this initiative are Cane,  ABC Pony, and Maketto. This pilot program will provide hot meals, while employing hospitality industry professionals who have been without work. The Power of 10 is a scalable model that local governments and communities across the nation can implement to provide immediate relief. For those looking to donate more or start a Power of 10 initiative in their own community, please visit www.powerof10initiative.com.