Rosé All Day: Celebrating National Rosé Day on June 8

Every year, on the second Saturday of June, wine enthusiasts come together to celebrate National Rosé Day on June 8. This beloved pink drink, known for its versatility and refreshing taste, has become a staple of summer sipping, inspiring the famous mantra "Rosé All Day." There are so many hot spots in the DC Metro Area where you can sit back and raise a glass to this favorite wine.



Barrel Oak Winery:  

Brasserie Liberte: 


Cork Wine Bar:  

Era Wine Bar: 

Fiola Mare: 

Le Diplomate: 


Little Blackbird: 

Lulu's Wine Garden: 


Maxwell Park: 

Patty O's: 

Planet Wine: 

The Point: 

Pop Fizz Bar: 


Sixty Vines:  

St Vincent: 

Urban Grape: