Warm Up from the Inside


Photo: Hawkeye Johnson

As winter sets in, sipping on warm cocktails becomes a delightful way to cozy up and ward off the chill. The comforting blend of flavors and the soothing warmth can turn this frigid cold into a delightful experience, making it a perfect choice for the season. You know the DC Area has plenty of ways to soothe while you sip: 

Looking for other ways to warm up this winter? Look no further than our soup-er soup round up, here. In search of other sips, but necessarily warm ones? There's always something fun in our drinks round up, here

Bourbon Steak: The $295 Macallan Hot Chocolate…need we say more?

El Chalet at Mercy Me: South American inspired Cocoa a la Naranja

Dauphine's: For a hot twist on a classic, the Hot Pimm's Toddy

The Salt Line Ballston: St. Charles Punch, featuring apple brandy and ruby port 

Tabard Inn: For a classic warm cocktail, try the Tabard Mulled Wine

Zeppelin: Mi So Chai, their play on a hot buttered rum