A Little Inside, A Little Outside

Photo: Artechouse
Just like that, there's more than just a chill in the air, there's snow too! The puffy coat hasn't just made its appearance, it's on and zipped up. Heavy coats, gloves, and hats aren't the only addition to the seasonal change, just look around! Skating rinks, apres-ski feels, chalet cozies, and pretty pop-ups with ways of warming up our outdoor (& indoor) space:
**REMINDER - Please call ahead to confirm status of event or offer**

Artechouse: Transient: Impermanent Paintings
Experience an immersive journey into the artistic process, inspired by music and traditional painting techniques. This groundbreaking exhibition, originally composed as a live performance, presents a series of audiovisual paintings created by the artist Quayola in concert with generative algorithms. The exhibition employs technology as a lens to explore music for the 21st-century audience and rethink the traditional artistic techniques in the context of human-machine relationship.Open from January 17 through March 6, tickets are $24 per person. artechouse.com

Chalets in Georgetown
Discover the new chalet suites on the Bourbon Steak terrace at the Four Seasons DC. The new chalet suites are inspired by Four Seasons ski resort featuring custom-made wooden chalets, furnished with an apres-ski aesthetic. Snuggle in with a variety of creative cocktails and a special menu cooked up by Executive Chef Robert Curtis. Reservations are suggested and you can find out more info here: exploretock.com/bourbonsteakwashingtondc

Georgetown Ice Skating Rink
It's just like riding a bike, if that were just like a baby deer trying to walk for the first time. Regain your ice legs at DC’s largest outdoor ice skating rink at The Washington Harbour, which in now for the 2021 - 2022 season!  Skating rentals are available every day until as late as 11 pm for both general admission and private events, including the holidays. Equipment will be disinfected after each 1.5-hour skating session, which won't improve your skills but will offer some peace of mind. Time to tee up those triple axels along the Potomac. thewashingtonharbour.com/ice-skating

Popping Up On The Roof
Hi-Lawn has launched “Mount Hi-Lawn” a winter aprés ski-inspired pop-up complete with fire pits, hot cocktails, live music, DJ day parties, game nights, shotskis and more. The retro-inspired bar has installed a 2500 sq. ft. heated tent and is serving as an alpine lodge-style getaway for the cold season. Located on the Rooftop at Union Market, the sprawling space is ideal. Ian Fletcher has debuted a selection of hot cocktails including the Mariachi Fever Dream (tequila, agua de jamaica, cinnamon, citrus) and the Winter Rules (mulled wine, rum, blueberry, orange). Lastly, do not miss the ShotSki, a group activity of drinking shots off of an actual ski. For more information, please visit hilawndc.com