Spirited Offerings


New releases of interesting and sip-worthy spirits happen on the daily. It occurred to us, that if we have access to that intel, we should pass it on to you … You’re Welcome? 

Canada's Beattie's Vodka 
Beattie's Distillers, the Canadian farm-to-bottle distillery known for their premium potato spirits, is making their way south of the border. After making waves in Canada and taking home The Platinum Spirit Award at the 2018 World Beverage Competition, this family-owned and -operated Distillery has set their sights on the U.S. These naturally gluten-free, farm-crafted spirits will now be available in nine states, with plans to expand further in 2022. Not only is Beattie's expanding their market share, they are also expanding their team, bringing on Wine & Spirits expert Jean-Paul Benizri as their Director of Sales, U.S. Famous for their Classic Potato Vodka, Beattie's also offers four full-bodied flavored vodkas, gin, and an Irish poitin. To learn more about Beattie's and to see the full range of products, please visit beattiesdistillers.com.

Blue Note Bourbon
Blue Note Bourbon, has announced the newest addition to its award-winning portfolio, Blue Note Crossroads.  Bottled at 100 proof, this unique expression combines Blue Note Bourbon with aromatic flavors of toasted French oak,  baking spices, toasted almond, Manuka honey, roasted marshmallow, and vanilla. Created across two years of research and development in partnership with Tonnellerie Radoux, a boutique wine cooperage in central France, Blue Note Crossroads amplifies the growing popularity of toasted oak finished bourbons. brdistilling.com

Catoctin Creek Maple Rye
Catoctin Creek is offering Roundstone maple rye this season. Released at approximately 58% ABV, it is dark, and smooth for the proof. This expression is finished in a maple syrup barrel from Langdon Wood Maple Syrup, which gives a velvety maple note. catoctincreekdistilling.co

Karkade from Don Ciccio i Figli
Don Ciccio harvests thier "Roselle" flowers between Sudan and Egypt, sun-drying them under the African Sun, then transporting them to the Amalfi coast for a secret and final step. Their newest aperitivo, called Karkade', is crafted with 15 botanicals plus hibiscus flowers, chamomile, elderflowers, rose petals and bitter orange. This fragrant, medium-bitter aperitivo dates back to 1899. Originating as a centuries-old trade commodity, the hibiscus-inspired liqueur works wonderfully in any tiki or gin-based cocktail. donciccioefigli.com

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey Apple Cocktails
If you’re craving a fall cocktail right about now, Kilbeggan Irish Whiskeyhas you covered. A Spiked Irish Apple Cider, anyone? Make your own cocktail using apples and cider from your own favorite local apple orchard, and if you’re traveling on the East Coast for the holidays, through November, Breezy Hill Orchard in Staatsburg, NY and Belkin Family Lookout Farm in Natick, MA are selling Kilbeggan-infused Irish Whiskey Donuts at each farm. Combine 1 part Killbeggan whiskey with 2 parts each of apple cider and hard apple cider over ice and stir with a cinnamon stick - perfect autumn cocktail. kilbegganwhiskey.com

Pratt Standard Agave Spice Old Fashioned Syrup
Handmade with raw blue agave syrup, and notes of cacao, cardamom, and vanilla, this 8-ounce cocktail syrup is Pratt’s newest iteration on their classic Old Fashioned Cocktail syrup, which was released last fall. The Agave Spice Old Fashioned is the latest addition to Pratt’s line of pre-Prohibition-inspired syrup products. Designed to pair well with premium tequilas, rums, and other clear spirits, it is perfect for an Oaxacan old fashioned with tequila, but also creates a delicately fall-spiced old fashioned with whiskey. The Agave Spice Old Fashioned will be available online ($12/8 oz.) with retail locations to follow, beginning October 11th. Pratt Standard also produces Ginger, Grenadine, Kola, Tonic, Rich Simple, and Old Fashioned syrups year-round, plus seasonal syrups, including Earl Grey Vanilla and Cranberry Orange available in the fall and winter. Prattstandard.com 
Republic Restoratives Assembly Gin
Republic Restoratives’ first gin expression is a nod to both process and purpose. The freedom to assemble is our right to gather peacefully, to speak truth to power and redress our grievances. They took inspiration from their founding team's Italian heritage to craft a savory gin that speaks to their roots and values. Created Assembly by hand, thoughtfully procuring ingredients like Red Juniper berries which are native to the Eastern US and delicate enough to let subtle complexities shine. The backbone of this gin is as innovative as the botanicals - RR sustainably sources Mediterranean-inspired ingredients like hand-picked tomato leaves grown by area farmers. Find their Assembly Gin here.

Tenth Ward Canned Cocktails
Tenth Ward Distilling Company has entered the world of ready-to-drink beverages with the release of two new canned cocktails: The Corpse Reviver No. 10 and the Smoked Whiskey Sour. Both flavors are available for retail purchase at Tenth Ward’s Cocktail Lab located in Downtown Frederick, Maryland, and for wholesale purchase to liquor stores and restaurants throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C. 55 E Patrick Street, Frederick, MD; 301.360.5888; tenthwarddistilling.com 

Wigle Whiskey Werewolf Bourbon
Wigle's limited edition Werewolf Bourbon is powered by the moon. Wigle Distillers distilled, barreled, and harvested this Straight Bourbon under a full moon. The Bourbon was born in Aries and harvested in Virgo, under the “Harvest Moon”. Wigle Distillers diluted the spirit with moon water (which was extra charged with the addition of a Distiller's moon stone). Intended to spread the magic of the Halloween season, this Whiskey might also help you unwind after a long day of running from angry torch-wielding townsfolk. Smooth notes of white peach, toffee, and caramelized sugar predominate in this Straight Bourbon. Available beginning October 14th. Preorder for pickup here.