Serious Subscriptions

Photo: Crate Chef

Restaurants had to up their takeaway abilities. Now there are heating instructions, maybe you have to cook something a bit, plating ideas, maybe there’s a video? All of this has become part of the “at home” experience. Enter monthly meal subscriptions from many of your favorite restaurants. These innovative packages offer new ways to dine at home and dine well.
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Amy Brandwein Pasta Kits
Chef Amy Brandwein of Centrolina has made kits of pastas and sauces made right in her kitchen, which focuses on authentic, regional Italian cooking. This year’s Pasta Kit “2.0” includes  3lbs. of different types of pasta (Gnocchi, Cavatelli, Pici, Fettucine Pistachio, Red Wine & Truffle Taglioni, Bianca Spaghetti), 14 oz. of truffle butter, forest mushroom ragu and white bolognese sauces and 8 oz. of parmigiano. 74 10th Street NW; 202.898.2426;

Journey Through The Caribbean
Experience Cane from the comfort of your home with their monthly membership programs: Cane’s Journey Through The Caribbean and Drinking with Cane: Caribbean Rum Club. Members will experience the elevation of Caribbean cuisine through a four course meal and signature cocktails curated by the team. Plus, you’ll receive educational content focusing on the stories and origins of each month's box.

Fly Away with Cork Wine 
With the the Cork Flight Club you can journey through different countries and regions and experience terroir with Diane Gross and Khalid Pitts via delicious offerings — discovering small production bottles, female winemakers, and hard-to-find selections. Members will have the opportunity to create their own at-home wine tasting experience with the help of accompanying tasting notes, backstories, vineyard notes, producers, and more. 

CrateChef Will Box It Up 
Help nourish your inner gourmet when items arrive right at your doorstep from CrateChef. Receive uniquely curated kitchen favorites and pantry items handpicked by top-name cooking experts. A different chef, cookbook author, cooking show star, restaurateur, recipe developer, or food blogger is featured every other month to expand your cooking horizons. Past chefs have included “Top Chef” Season 7 Contestant chef Kenny Gilbert, TV Cook and YouTube Personality “Sam The Cooking Guy”, and pastry chef and Food Network Personality chef Waylynn Lucas. For more information on subscriptions and gift boxes visit, 

Explore a World of Lebanese Flavors 
Lebanese Taverna offers a new wine membership exploring the wine of Lebanon. Members of A Lebanese Wine Tour will gain access to the world of Lebanese wines from old, historic vineyards to new up-and-coming wineries. Experience the vast range of flavors, varietals, and terroirs from a country the size of Connecticut. A month’s list of featured wines may include: Domaine des Tourelles 'Marquis des Beys', Bekaa Valley, Lebanon; Atibaia Winery 'Atibaia' Red, Batroun, Lebanon; Chateau Kefraya Red, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. You can choose from packages of two bottles to six bottles, and members also receive a monthly gift from the kitchen, such as hommus and pita, tasting notes & educational content around their wines, and first access to special events at Lebanese Taverna. In addition, they are now offering the A Journey Through Lebanon package. Each month, you’ll be taken on a carefully curated culinary tour highlighting the vast depth and the subtle complexity of Lebanese cuisine.

Bibliophiles Rejoice: Kramer’s Subscriptions
Sign your wine-lover up for a monthly pairing of Kramers’ favorite books with an accompanying bottle of wine and snack. Select your favorite book genre (like Fiction, Sci Fi, Mystery, Science, and more) and your wine preference (Red, White, Rose, Adventurous) for the perfect pairing each month. More of a coffee drinker? Sign them up for a monthly pairing of Kramers’ favorite books (ones they actually read!) with an accompanying bag of whole bean coffee. Select your favorite book genre (like Fiction, Sci Fi, Mystery, Science, and more), and you’ll receive 1 bag of whole bean coffee (ranging from 8oz-12oz) from their Coffee Director’s favorite roasters. This can be picked up locally or shipped nationally for $9. 

Pizzeria Paradiso's Monthly Pizza Party
Sign up for the Paradiso Monthly Pizza Party club and enjoy a rotating selection of Paradiso on- and off-menu pizzas, salads, and pantry goods to have at home. The goods and perks offered by the Pizzeria Paradiso team are exclusive to this subscription. Each month receive one Pizza Kit (dough and toppings for TWO 12” pizzas), one rotating appetizer or salad selection for 4 and one rotating pantry item like marinated olives, garlic pesto, etc. Optionally, add on beer or wine to pair with your pizza party.

Aye Aye, Captain
Become a member of The ProFish Captain’s Club, and each month the experts at ProFish will curate a package of fresh, smoked, and sustainable seafood. Members will receive exclusive access to the products, fish, and ingredients that the ProFish team uses every day, and to the quality signature seafood they provide the top restaurants across the DC area. Look forward to receiving a revolving selection of different types of locally smoked seafood and fresh fish each month.

Rose’s at Home Dinner Club & Wine Club
Rose’s at Home is now offering a very limited number of Dinner Club & Wine Club Memberships for 2022. These memberships give a select few access to monthly tasting menus and curated top-shelf wine - all available for pick-up or direct delivery every month. Access to the member-exclusive Dinner Club, includes monthly tasting menus curated by the Michelin starred teams. All meals come fully-prepared - simply reheat at home and serve. And! The Wine Club grants 2 or 4 bottles of exceptional, hard-to-find wine, hand-selected by Rose's staff. Choose from their luxury selections.